Melody’s Story

Almost 30 years ago, owner Melody Murray experienced a bad reaction to cosmetics while modeling under hot studio lights. The ensuing medical treatment she received at the time was harsh and left her scarred. Determining there had to be a more natural alternative, via the medical community, she looked into becoming a dermatologist. Although her desire to pursue a medical path seemed unattainable, she soon discovered the world of aesthetics and began an educational journey that would be rooted in natural, yet effective modalities that heal and transform the skin without first harming.

Other the ensuing years,


Although we are no longer open, you may contact me by phone or email. Please use for written correspondence and 941-650-4340 for a more personal approach.




New Product Focus

Welcome to my page of new discoveries! You may contact me personally for more information and to purchase them.

 RESTORE:  A synergistic blend of Sweet Wormwood Extract and Essential Fatty Acids.  Restore utilizes a special extraction process that dramatically increases its performance.            

Boost your immunity with this highly specialized formulation that has anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal properties. Dramatically slow every aspect of aging while helping to prevent the progression of disease and inflammation.

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